Regular Hygiene Visits

At your first visit, we will perform a comprehensive exam of your teeth and gums, including a check for cavities and gum (periodontal) disease.  We will also take diagnostic radiographs (x-rays).  If you have recent x-rays from another dental office, they will need to be forwarded to our office.  If you don’t have any records, it is not a problem.  Our office has the most sophisticated technology dentistry offers.  All of our radiographs are digital and require the minimal amount of radiation possible.  We also have the first 3D imaging device in the area!

The day of your initial exam, we will do everything possible to clean your teeth.  However, if it has been some time and you require more in-depth periodontal therapy, we will make the necessary appointment reservations so you can receive the time necessary for your treatment.

Periodontal disease is present in 60% of the population.  Our office is dedicated to educating our patients about their periodontal health and how they can treat it, with the goal of a healthy future in mind.