You may have heard about Invisalign® (invisible braces).  This has been an exciting addition to our office.  Of all the dental procedures we offer, this seems to be the most accepted and rewarding outcome we perform.

Impressions are taken along with photographs of your teeth.  The records are sent to the AlignTech Company and custom fit aligners are fabricated for you to wear.  They are virtually invisible and usually take between 12-18 months to complete your case.




Patient:  ANDY
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 10 MONTHS

Andy before Invisalign

Andy after Invisalign

Andy after Invisalign and KOR whitening








Andy and Dr. Susan sharing a happy smile after treatment

Andy’s testimony:  “Make your smile worth showing!”









Patient:  LORI
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 12 MONTHS

Lori before Invisalign

Lori after Invisalign








Lori’s Testimony: “If I had known how easy and fast it would be, I would have done it sooner!  I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made, not just in how my smile looks, but also in how much more I smile now.”  



Patient:  ANDREA
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 12 MONTHS

Andrea before Invisalign

Andrea after Invisalign

Andrea’s Testimony:“I chose Invisalign rather than traditional, metal braces because I thought they would be easier.  Throughout my time using them, I realized that I made the right choice.
They were a lot easier than I thought they would be.  I felt like I could keep my teeth cleaner because I didn’t have to worry about the metal on my teeth.  It hurt at first, but it was definitely worth it!  If I had to choose the traditional metal braces or Invisalign again, I would definitely choose Invisalign over and over again.  Not to mention the kindess and respect from everybody that helped in the dentist office.”  




Patient: KENDRA
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 19 MONTHS

Kendra before Invisalign

Kendra after Invisalign

Kendra’s Testimony: “Cole Family Dentistry did a wonderful job with my teeth.  My gap was my main concern but now it’s as if  I never had a gap in my front teeth.  I absolutely love my teeth now and would recommend Cole Family Dentistry to anyone!  They made it seem like a piece of cake.  Thanks so much everyone.”






Patient: RYAN 
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 6 MONTHS 

Ryan before Invisalign

Ryan after Invisalign

Ryan and Dr. Susan Cole after Invisalign











Ryan’s Testimony: “I am so happy with the results – little discomfort. Wonderful decision! You rock Dr. Susan!”



Patient: BRENDA
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 6 MONTHS

Brenda before Invisalign

Brenda after Invisalign

Brenda’s Testimony: “Many people over the age of 45 probably would not want to bother with getting braces.  Why put up with the aggravation and cost since usually not covered under dental insurance.  Even though I had traditional braces in my 20s, my teeth still were not straight and had several teeth that overlapped.  I wanted to get them fixed, as I knew this was not healthy for me and my teeth.  I considered Invisalign when they first came out, but thought my teeth were too involved.  I was so excited when Dr. Cole said that I would be a perfect candidate for them.  So in less than 2 years, I was able to go from a smile I was ashamed of, to one to be proud of.  I had adult teeth that could actually finally be cleaned in over 30 years because of the overlap.  I would do it again without question.  Very grateful Dr. Cole was able to provide this option to me.” 



Patient: SUSAN
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 8 MONTHS 

Susan before Invisalign

Susan after Invisalign

Susan’s Testimony:  “I highly recommend the Invisalign. It`s easy to work with, does not hurt, easy to take out, eat and drink, and reapply. It did not bother me during work or sleep. Doctor Susan and staff were amazing to work with! I highly recommend Cole Family Dentistry. I am one happy patient!”







Patient: JENNIFER 
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 8 MONTHS 

Jennifer before Invisalign 

Jennifer after Invisalign

Jennifer’s Testimony:  “After years of braces, including headgear, my teeth unfortunately had shifted back quite a bit. I was bit tentative however the invisalign process went by fairly quickly and pain free. Dr. Cole and her staff were very diligent and consistent throughout the process.”







Patient: CHERYL 
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 16 MONTHS 

Cheryl before Invisalign

Cheryl after Invisalign









Patient: SARAH
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 24 MONTHS

Sarah before Invisalign

Sarah after Invisalign

Sarah’s Testimony:  “I absolutely love my teeth!  After all the struggles with my ‘problem canine tooth’ we made it!  Thanks to Dr. Susan, we pushed through it and got the result I wanted from the beginning.  Thank you, Cole Family Dentistry, for everything!”







Patient: ANITA
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 10 MONTHS

Anita before Invisalign

Anita after Invisalign

Anita’s Testimony: “I chose Invisalign over regular braces since I could stay with my regular dentist instead of going to an orthodontist. My goal was to correct an alignment problem, which it did, and the result was a beautiful set of teeth as well!”







Patient: OLIVIA
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 9 MONTHS

Olivia before Invisalign

Olivia after Invisalign










Patient: JUDY
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 13 MONTHS

Judy before Invisalign

Judy after Invisalign











Patient: DAVID
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 23 MONTHS

David before Invisalign

David after Invisalign

David after Invisalign and KoR Whitening









Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 11 MONTHS 

Christine before Invisalign

Christine after Invisalign

Christine’s Testimony:
“I am so happy I did it. I have a beautiful smile. Thank you.”






Patient: NICHOLE
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 9 MONTHS 

Nichole before Invisalign

Nichole after Invisalign

Nichole’s Testimony: “I am very happy with my Invisalign results. It will help with my future visits because the straightening is helping with my wear and tear.”








Katie’s Testimony (not pictured):
“My braces were removed 15+ years ago.  My retainer broke, and I never got it replaced.  The tooth beside my front tooth slowly shifted backwards, and I noticed it especially in pictures of myself.  I chose to do Invisalign Express 5 for the upper arch only.  After 5 aligners (10 weeks), my tooth is now in the place it used to be after braces.  I love my smile again!”

Jen’s Testimony(not pictured):
“I wanted to straighten my upper front tooth to decrease the look of the swelling of the gum tissue area. It was a great idea because I only had to have the Invisalign trays for four months!  I could not have asked for better results. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is concerned with having braces but wanting a straighter smile.”

Jodie’s Testimony about her son, Ian’s, Invisalign(not pictured):
“As Ian’s Mom, I can see a big difference in his confidence and he is smiling a great deal to show off his smile.  Ian also used the KoR whitening system and his teeth look amazing from the Invisalign and the KoR.  The tray system works fine for Ian at home and even at school.  I highly recommend the treatment with Invisalign.”