Botox® and Dermafill

Botox® is a prescription-only medical product that when injected into a specific muscle, lessens visible wrinkles for up to 6 months.
Dr. Diana Shoe is a certified provider with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.  She enjoys making patients look and feel younger.

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Amanda before Botox (raised)

Amanda after Botox (raised)








Amanda before Botox (resting)

Amanda after Botox (resting)










Amanda before Botox (squinting)

Amanda after Botox (squinting)








Amanda’s Testimony after Botox®:
“As a new mom, I noticed crow’s feet on the sides of my eyes.  I didn’t know Botox could be used as a preventative procedure towards future wrinkles until my consultation with Dr. Susan!  That seemed perfect for a tired mom, like myself.  My co-workers noticed immediate results, and I look well-rested and 10 years younger!”


Anonymous before Botox (resting)

Anonymous after Botox (resting)







Anonymous Testimony after Botox®:
“I am in my mid-20s.  The wrinkles on my forehead that were starting to appear were really bothering me.  So, I decided to just go for it and try Botox.  I am extremely happy with my results!!  I will definitely do it for LIFE!  It was quite affordable and practically pain-free!!”



Cheryl before Dermafill

Cheryl after Dermafill












Cheryl before Dermafill

Cheryl after Dermafill











Cheryl’s Testimony after Dermafill:
“The procedure was not painful at all.  The feeling was similar to a small pinch.  I was immediately impressed with the difference.  I told no one that I had the procedure, but when my son saw me a week later he said, ‘That new hair-do makes you look 10-15 years younger.  Keep it!’  It was the same hair-do I have had for 6 months.”



Michelle before Botox (resting)

Michelle after Botox (resting)








Michelle’s Testimony after Botox®:
“It’s amazing and totally worth it!”

Georgia Before (raised)
Georgia before Botox (raised)

Georgia After (raised)
Georgia after Botox (raised)







Georgia’s Testimony after Botox®:
“Getting older is inevitable, however, I was becoming sensitive about my deep wrinkles. Thank heavens there is a secret weapon to make me feel better about myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love Dr. Cole too.”

Faye before Botox (resting)

Faye's After (resting)
Faye after Botox (resting)









Faye's Before (raised)
Faye before Botox (raised)

Faye After (raised)
Faye after Botox (raised)








Faye’s Testimony after Botox®:
“I am a busy, working Mom, in my mid 40’s and had a deep crease between my eyebrows and forehead wrinkles which aged me. I witnessed how fantastic results were for a friend treated with Botox that I decided to try. I am more than thrilled with my results and will do this for life. The crease is gone and my forehead wrinkles gone as well. Thank you for helping this busy Mom feel years younger!”

Anonymous before Botox (squinting)

Anonymous after Botox (squinting)









Anonymous before Botox (raised)

Anonymous after Botox (raised)








Anonymous before Botox (resting)

Anonymous after Botox (resting)








Phyllis’s Testimony after Botox® and Dermafill® (not pictured):
“I loved the way my face looked when I had the Botox and fillers done.  It is so easy, and I felt like I looked younger.  My hair stylist commented that my face looks really refreshing.  I will do it again.”

Jane’s Testimony after Botox® (not pictured)
“I tried Botox since I was not having good enough results with beauty creams.  It worked great!  Botox helped to smooth out the skin, especially between the eyebrows.”